Record breaking numbers at the ETCC 2011

The European Team Chess Championship is proving to be the top team event of the year. It has created an unprecedented interest in the chess world and more than 1 million absolute unique visitors* have visited the official website of the competition in the first 7 rounds.

These numbers represent by far the largest audience ever to be registered for a European team competition. With the most important and interesting days still coming, the ETCC 2011 is set for even higher record.

It is also setting a new local record for Porto Carras, where the World Youth Chess Championship registered 100k/day unique visitors.

Absolute unique visitors

* Absolute Unique Visitors represents the number of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to the website over the course of a specified time period. This means that if a person visits the official website multiple times, he will only be counted as 1 visitor i.e. 1 million different chess fans have visited

Item read and pageviews

Photos, videos, reports bring record in page views

The rapidity of the photos and videos, being ready maximum 25 minutes after the start of the round, has allowed the information to quickly spread among mainstream media around the world. Respectively, the photos, videos, and reports have been viewed over 4,5 million times, which is yet another highest register for the event.

So far there are 50 interviews with players, 1057 photos, and multiple reports on the official website.